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The Rouge Republic is a resource management / simulation game set in a post-apocalyptic world where you are the leader of your own country. The mortality rate is high, food and water is scarce, and wealth still amounts to power. It's your duty as the leader to provide the public's needs by managing and producing resources, exporting what's plenty, and saving what's few. Importing resources from other countries can be crucial and necessary at times, but overdoing it might make the public skeptical of your leadership capabilities. And don't even get me started with illegal contraband dealings. However you wish to serve your people, never, ever let your guard down. Unexpected--and maybe even tragic--events might come knocking on your jurisdiction when you least expect it.



Jan Francis Berdan - Programming, Design

John Karlo Maninang - Programming

James Pajunar - Art

Job Elisha Ramos - Design, Art


RougeRepublic_Windows.zip 24 MB

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